As a speaker...

I craft my message with professionalism, with the intention to provide solutions and shifts, rather than just content.

I work with sensitivity to understand what the audience would like to learn and understand.

I used to be a shy, insecure and complex person. I have undergone a massive transformation, not just in my outer health & identity but in my inner landscape and self-beliefs.

I feel that as a speaker I am merely a conduit for growth and expansion. I do not lecture on topics I have not lived. I do not lecture but I engage and co-collaborate to extract meaning for my audience so that they can experience shifts in their life. I have been inspired by incredible global speakers both at Mind Valley and here in South Africa. Speakers who move audiences, speakers who are willing to show their vulnerability, speakers who live their brand.

They inspire me every day to live my message.

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The Vibrational Energy of Speakers as Leaders, Teachers and Speakers

Current Keynotes...

Below are some keynote ideas that I explore through my speaking.

Keynote - What is integrated living?

As leaders, energy is more important than the words which follow.

Energy is the foundation for all other senses and skills. What many people don’t know is that energy vibration can be learnt and harnessed. By integrating masculine and feminine energies, leaders can tap into a far wider spectrum of persuasion and impact, breaking the ceiling with grace and confidence.

Alison unpacks, through powerful personal story-telling, neuroscience and thought leadership, the role of:

  • Mind and Body Integration
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Forgiveness and its power to re-write your history, your present and your future potential
  • How Shame and Imposter Syndrome can diminish our power
  • Humour and how it unlocks compassion
  • Intuition as a GPS
  • Conscious Sexuality and how it feeds creativity and growth
  • Self-belief and its role in manifestation
  •  Understanding how courage works
  • Living in flow: When your values and purpose are aligned
  • Personality is not permanent and why

She teaches leaders how to be more powerful in tapping into both their feminine and masculine energies. She speaks to women on how to tap into their most powerful energies – owning their light with humility and grace to become powerfully confident in a changing environment, where feminine leadership is becoming an increasingly powerful tool.

Keynote - First Impressions: The Power of Presence.

First Impressions are as important as lasting Impressions.
“I wanted to change the world but I had no influence, no power of persuasion. I battled depression, yo-yo dieting, complexity and eating disorders to re-emerge as an Ambassador for Health and Integrated living, and as an Ambassador for Influence and Persuasion.”
- Alison Weihe

After a 22 year journey of Entrepreneurship, Alison shares not only the Corporate and Personal Branding lessons she has learnt, but how to pivot these in a more virtual world.

As a qualified Image and Styling Consultant as well as a Personal Branding strategist, Alison unpacks;

Part One: First Impressions:

Dress, Discipline, Preparation, Content, Professionalism, Clarity of Message, the power of imagery and story-telling.

Part Two: Lasting Impressions:

  • The power of Persuasion rather than Performance
  • The power of becoming an agent of change, rather than an expert in ego
  • It’s all about your audience, it’s not about YOU, yet you are the medium for them to access the message.

Keynote - The Neuroscience of Speaking with Persuasion and Impact.

How to be a solutions-based relevant speaker / leader: How to unlock the power of your audience and how to facilitate participant’s experiences beyond listening to absorbing, adapting and acting.

Part One: The Foundation

Knowing your audience

·        Professionalism

·        Expertise

·        Presence

·        Body language

·        Story-telling

·        Confidence 

·        The Power of the Pause


Part Two: Breaking the celling of higher level speaking through understanding the neuroscience of speaking and coaching and speaking to coach.

·        Audience service to Audience Experience

·        Performance to Persuasion

·        Insight to Influence

·        Automatically creating word of mouth referrals and testimonials

·        How to value your cause, live your message, be your BRAND

Keynote - Visual Story-Telling.

Alison uses a powerful and riveting personal story to unlock the power of visual story-telling by focusing on elements of:

  • Structure
  • Action
  • Characters
  • Textures
  • Language
  • Emotions
  • Meaning
  • Symbolism

Alison draws on her experience of global speakers at the Mind Valley stage to explore how personal visual story-telling impacts audiences and shifts perceptions. She interacts with her audience to get them to explore how visual story-telling can impact and influence the message they wish to bring to the world.

Keynote - Manifestation: Mystery and Science.

In this keynote Alison explores how the neuroscience of manifestation, living in flow and the law of attraction assists participants to powerfully shift their understanding of how manifestation works.

Manifestation is not wishful thinking.

As Don Miguel Ruiz says “You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action, without action upon an idea there will be no manifestation, no results & no reward.”

However there is a difference between driven, determined SMART goals & living in flow and in alignment with your purpose.

Alison draws on the readings of many different thought leaders, including Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Michael Beckwith, Vishen Lakhiani, Steven Kotler & Katie Byron to explore how MINDSET influences manifestation.

As part of her exploration of mindset, she engages with her audience to explore how traditional perceptions of “failure” can suffocate one’s courage and resilience.

Instead she looks at how an expansive, curious, integrated, disciplined mind & body, living in congruence in harmony & flow can exponentially change one’s reality.

By creating a different inner environment & an evolved vision of one’s life purpose, one can create an entirely different outer environment. That is where the magic happens.

Dashboard of Trust.

Developed by Judith Glaser

As a student of the late Judith E. Glaser I use the Dashboard of Trust and Conversational Intelligence whenever I am facilitating teams, giving a talk at an event or conference or beginning coaching with a new client.

Presentation on Manifestation to the PSASA.

Presentation on Manifestation to the International Crypto Group.

A half-hour keynote by Alison on the manifestation of abundance, mystery, miracles and science for the International Cryptocurrency School.

PSASA (Professional Speaking Association of Southern Africa).

Johannesburg Chapter

The PSASA is a community committed to learning and growing, and sharing ideas with a greater audience. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be an active part of the PSASA community as it is a real catalyst toward my learning and growth as a speaker, entrepreneur and writer.

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The Vibrational Energy of Speakers as Leaders, Teachers and Speakers


    Yoke van Dam, Visionary Team Builder, Speaker, Leadership and Branding Coach

    Alison Weihe is a master at Storytelling. She recently had the audience at Future Females eating out of her hand, when she delivered her keynote “Passion and purpose precede profit”. Alison’s rich entrepreneurial journey of building the brand: The Creative Stone Company spans over 23 years. She had the audience both laughing and crying, inspired and yet realizing the real risks involved and the reality of growing a large business. From a small shed in Amalgam to creating an award-winning brand, to all the highs & lows, to winning the best stand at Decorex to being a victim of fraud & rebuilding morale, to being featured on Top Billing. Alison relates the hard lessons of working in your business and creating a Soul Brand, a brand of Passion & Purpose. This keynote will be ideal for Young Entrepreneurs starting out & for established Entrepreneurs wanting to grow the depth of their brand.

    Mica Newman, Founder of Office Online, Human Capital | Speaker & Presenter

    Alison Weihe, you blew my mind! I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. I had goosebumps the entire time. You were brilliant. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with our community.

    Ruramai Sithole, Award-winning Speaker, Author and Builder

    If you are looking for a phenomenal storyteller, then look no further. Alison has it all.

    Kim McDonnel, Author and Spiritual Coach

    Alison has a beautiful gift to give to the world. She uses her past challenges to rewrite her future to motivate a positive change in the once broken systems that created the dysfunctions. Her heart is full of compassion and empathy with the emotional grit and intelligence to create effective change.

    Christy Renee, Peak Performance Coach

    Alison has a beautiful light that she shines into the world! Full of courage, passion, and charisma she inspires others as she leads those around her. Her unique ability to share her stories and take action has been beautiful to witness and she has so much more ready to give the world.

    Gavin Novis, COMENSA Credentialed Master Coach

    Alison Weihe is quite simply one of the most authentic human beings I have ever met. She radiates professionalism and decency. Coupled to her professionalism is her wisdom, attention to detail, sincerity, kindness and humility. Alison has a unique ability to identify the exact needs of her clients and then to focus on addressing those needs through commitment and wisdom. As a professional inspirational speaker, Alison has skills that are unrivalled - anywhere. I recommend Alison as your next event speaker without hesitation.

    Dr. Bill Price, Executive Neuroscience Master Global Coach

    I have the privilege to know Alison as a friend, colleague and mentor, so I experience more than just the amazing impact she has on her clients and companies that invite her to speak. She is one of the most dynamic intentionally focused influencers of note that I have met. Alison's inner passion is driven by a resolve to serve and undergird the personal development, transformation and breakthroughs in those with whom she professionally engages. She is professional, ethical, worldly, wise and simply amazing in the way she brings her authentic being to bear in everything she does. Alison is thorough in her research, sound in her preparation, impactful and incisive in her presentation.

    Jacques De Villiers, author, speaker and past president of the PSASA

    Alison, it's hard enough keeping someone's attention, unlocking their emotions and shifting their attitude in a live talk. You did this and more in your online Zoom talk. Your storytelling ability, skill at crafting a strong argument and moving me to action was a refreshing experience. You had me hooked from start to finish.

    Leigh Joy Mansel-Pleydell, Pioneer and Speaker in Global Self-Care Revolution

    Alison speaks with passion, purpose and embodied experience. Her work is deeply profound, impactful and transformative. She is talented in encouraging her audience to take action and thus empower themselves. I loved listening to Alison and look forward to her next event.


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